Top Combine, a 5 member boyband from Mainland China, is growing fast int he music industry. This group consist of 4 Chinese members previously a part of Super Boys and one mysterious Korean member. With singles and their first EP out (debuted on October 19, 2008), you will see already many girls screaming their names. They are apart of two companies, Tianyu Media group(China) and Doremi Media(Korea). TC dedut MV, Arrival, was directed by the same person who directed one of DBSK’s MV so there are many similarities between the two videos. With many other boybands emerging into the music world, Top Combine will have to continue doing what they do best, the best they can.

Few Facts:
Label: EE Media
Official Fan Club: Seraphim
Official Color: China Red

至上励合, 加油!

click their picures to get individual profiles



  1. hello there ! i am actually really interested about them xD but i cant seem to get their profiles its just pics when i click on the pics xDDD

  2. ok, i fixed it ^^
    thanks for telling me! tell me if it still doesnt work ^^

  3. what site do you get info bout them?

  4. TOP COMBINE~~~ (:

  5. hi! i’m a new fan. ((: i love them! 😀 i hope they too could be international superstars like Super Junior. 🙂 and i definitely hope that they’d have a concert here in the Philippines. (:

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