Posted by: rawrrasian | April 27, 2009

Zhang Yuan Blog Update

Updated Sina on 04.12






真的怀念,高考是考验自己的第一道门,学到的不仅是知识,更是一种心态和学习方法,可以运用在成年之后的所有事当中,所以大家要明白,不要急不要慌,Be patient,and have fun~~Good luck!!!



title: Fast in the Entrance Exam, haha, many Seraphim have told us about college entrance exam and they couldn’t always see us (rough translation)

Everybody has been showing love and concern for us and many has shown attendence, too (for shows and appearances), we keep in mind that if you’re studies go down (grades), we’ll feel guilty.

I remember those days of taking entrance exams, half a year of retaking course, I still didn’t get ideal scores. total score was about 400 points…the thought of six months that there were only a few great progresses, not to mention the undergraduate course..then the start of doubts in themselves, doubts in their own way, in their abilities, even doubting their own inteligence, haha, I was a big fool.

Later, I found a Psychology teacher, she told me “非淡泊无以明志,非宁静无以致远” (im not too sure what it means, but i think it means something like, sometimes you have to be pushed hard or go through hardships to see what you want). Yeah, too much pressure, resulted in a lot of studying and hope for a quick success and benefit, actually I had little achievements. Don’t worry, with the right approach and the correct study methods, then know how to stay calm and relax to focus on the institute…meditation can bring out the AFA brain wave state, its the best with learning and effectiveness…

After that, I got better, more than 200 points better than the first college entrance exam…and got into Nanjing University of Finance and Economics…

I really miss it, college entrance exams are the first steps of opening the new door of not only learning new knowlegde but also mentality and learning methods, they can be used as an adult after it all. so we have to understand it all…dont worry…Be patient,and have fun~~Good luck!!!

Wow, good time flies, my birthday is coming up soon. as a gift I want to see your acceptance letters, it can also be seen later on…加油!

Finally, here are some pictures…good night

ok~ that was a rough translation so some might not be accurate…
[with these pictures, i’ve tagged them with the caption that he posted under each of them]



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  2. Hey. =] Just so you know. The last one is saying: “Are you finished? How old are you and yet you’re still so childish. Go to sleep.” hahaz. And I love his other responses as well especially the one that goes: “Listen. You’d better study well.” and the “Are you listening?!?”

    =] thanks for these

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