Posted by: idarklight | February 15, 2009

Jin Ensheng not affected by injury, shows his cuteness in “Behind the story”

Feb 15th afternoon, popular group Top Combine joined Hunan TV’s program “Behind the story.” Although Jin Ensheng (Xiaowu) was injured, he was unaffected by the pains. During the filming process, Xiaowu’s straightforward, cute and humorour personality made the entire audience happy.

Xiaowu chosen to join Top Combine because he looks Chinese
When host He Jiong asked why Xiaowu was chosen to join Top Combine as its only Korean, Xiaowu’s surprising made everyone laugh nonstop.
Xiaowu said it was because he looks Chinese. He further added that because he looks Chinese, when he speaks Korean to other people, they would compliment on how well his Korean is.

Xiaowu works hard day and night, practicing until he cries
Because Xiaowu joined training later than the other four members of Top Combine, to make sure he is not behind, Xiaowu not only works hard in the day, but also during the night.

Zhang Yuan says that once, he woke up in the middle of the night and saw Xiaowu practicing outside. When everyone was having vocal lessons the next day, Xiaowu’s voice was already hoarse. Xiaowu also says that he once practiced dancing until he cried.

Xiaowu’s first impressions of the four other members
When host He Jiong asked about Xiaowu’s impressions to the four other members, Xiaowu’s answers were very frank and funny. He said that the first time he say Zhang Yuan, he thought he was fat and was shocked that such “fat person” can dance so well. His first impression of Li Mao was that he looked like an uncle. Xiaowu explained that it was because at the time, Li Mao was very wornout and had huge black circles around his eyes. Xiaowu then said that the first time he saw Liu Zhoucheng, he mistook him for a girl due to his long, red hair. When the mentioned Ma Xueyang, Xiaowu said that his first thought of Ma Xueyang was of how hot he was.

source: Hunan TV



  1. 小五,你要加油~

  2. Jin is so cute~!!
    I love his personality…aww he practised until he cried? that is so…jin xD

  3. sorry double posting…
    can I get a link to the video?

  4. awww:]
    JIN is so CUTE[x

  5. Jin’s first impressions of the other four are so cute!

  6. Jin totally dominated everyone on that interview. He seems to be the funniest out of all of them but still has the most tear jerking story to tell.

  7. Do you think the invitations for Jin to appear on Chinese variety shows like TianTian XiangShang came from his appearance on this show?What are your opinions?

  8. or because Hao’er took a break due to an unintentional remark about WWII and they needed another foreigner, and between eemedia and hunan tv, they only have two foreigners, except Aventurina King is a girl, so she can’t be on TianTianXiangShang?

  9. thanks for the clarification,but
    why can’t girls be on TianTian XiangShang??

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