Posted by: rawrrasian | February 9, 2009

blog updates:ma xueyang, liu zhoucheng

There are quite a few blog updates for me to update all you on

1. Ma Xueyang updated his Sohu on 02.03

2. Liu Zhoucheng updated his Sina and added new pictures to his CYworld

start with Ma Xueyang

Title: 第101天








Title: The first 101 days
Just received notification of the 100 days celebration of the debut video, wet eyes, and sitting in front of the computer in a trance, with many memories, looking back on those days, like it just happened yesterday.
Today is the debut of Top Combine’s 101 day, watching the videos, opening albums on the computer, its bitter sweet, tears of laughter/joy.
I dont know what to say to thank the Seraphim for being with Top Combine during the 100 days is a wonderful gift.
blank mind (speechless)
Thank you, let me say that again, to TC this did not come easy, everyone on TC love, we will place it in everyone’s hearts. With enthusiasm and effort to bring everyone a new year and look forward for more surprises!
Thanks to seraphim!
Today is Top Combine first 101 days of debut, I will never forget today.

Liu Zhoucheng

Title: 至上励合出道一百天





Title: Top Combine’s 100th day debut
Top Combine has been debuted for 100 days
SEe online a lot of seraphim put pictures of us..from all over, except the heart is touched by heartache.
Distressed, cold days you are still around and many are still students. take care of yourself
Seraphim with Top Combine until these 100 days, more to come. This is our promise!
today, im 21 years old (counting the lunar year), have 21 years of age. i dont dare imagine after the 21..youth feel, more and more short-lived, so we must cherish our young years. n their own, create more miracles
Like before, wont regret.
i would like Top Combine and Seraphim to experience things like yesterday,lovely, touching the screen–those memories are engraved in my head
never too old.

Kenny’s Pictures:

if taken out, please give credit



  1. do top combine have a primary show on china??

  2. kenny looks so cute with glasses haha

  3. luv u kenny (刘洲成)!!!

  4. omg….. Liu Zhou Cheng! =DDDDD

  5. i’m inlove wid kenny

  6. OMG……if he was approachable i’d wanna be his gf!!><

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