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Ma Xueyang and Liu ZHoucheng posts on Baidu Tieba










Alright, it’s almost midnight.

I made everyone wait so late tonight, I’m very sad…

So I don’t want anyone to not get enough sleep, so I’m leaving now…

Finally, please give Top Combine’s Liu Zhoucheng power…Top Combine will walk our future roads with fighting and strong steps, because only then can Top Combine show everyone bigger stages. That’s Top Combine’s goal and attitude.

I believe that Seraphims will also be able to fight for their own lives.

Top Combine, jiayou! Seraphims, jiayou!

Good night.


今天实在不好意思啊,这么多问题我不能一一回答. 谢谢大家的祝福,很多的感动都藏在心里面. 越是真挚的感情,越是无法用语言来形容. 我对大家的喜爱..和感动…都藏着…我们大家一起守护它吧….

I’m really sorry today because there are so many questions and I can’t answer them all. Thank you for everyone’s blessings. Many feelings are hidden in my heart. The more truer the feelings, the harder it is to express in words. My love and feelings for everyone are all hidden…let us all protect them.


大家过年一定要注意身体,然后要陪在家人身边. 还有要注意小偷啊..因为快过年了,小偷很多~ 我昨天就差点被偷了手机,还好被英勇的市民抓住小偷了!!!

During New Year, everyone have to take care of their body and be with their family. Also, be careful of thieves! It’s New Years, so there are more thieves~ I almost got my cellphone stolen yesterday, but luckily a brave citizen caught the thief!




Thank you, everyone, for your continous support of us in the past two years. Thank you for not giving up on us~ Top Combine can only use our music to touch everyone. I hope Seraphims can feel the sincerity and belief in our music.




Hahaha~Of course I saw you guys dancing Cotton Candy! Super Cute, almost better than Top Combine’s Loiu Zhoucheng!! Hahahahahahaha


那个湖北分会为至上励合写的歌,我们大家都听了,感动死了! 我们都是热爱音乐的孩子

We all listened to the song that the Hubei fanclub wrote for us. We were so touched! We’re all music-loving kids.


都我的错,要大家等那么久… 下次给大家红包~

It’s all my fault for making everyone wait so much…. Next time I’ll give everyone red pockets.


Ma Xueyang:


Wish everyone a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5. 很想大家,好久没来和大家聊天了~

I miss everyone very much. Haven’t chatted with everyone in a long time.


24  希望大家在新的一年里,步步高升,牛气冲天!

Hope that in the new year, everyone will succeed in life!


57  看了你们在博客上的留言哈,为了证明我马大厨名不虚传,争取在零九年有机会做菜给大家吃哈!

I saw everyone’s messages on my blog. To prove that I’m not not called Ma Dachu (Big Chef Ma), I’ll try to cook for everyone in ’09!


134  那09年呢,我觉得大家可以期待一下的就是至上励合的下一张EP或专辑,当然现在公司还没有定,但相信至上励合能用新一年的努力来感动公司,带给大家好的音乐!

In 2009, I think everyone can wait for Top Combine’s next EP or album. Of course, the company’s not sure yet, but I believe that Top Combine’s hardwork in the next year will convince the company to let us bring good music to everyone!


235  还有一件事要说,就是中歌榜的金曲奖不仅是颁给至上励合的,更是颁给我们所有SERAPHIM家族的成员!谢谢你们!

I must say one more thing, and that’s that the Golden Melody Award wasn’t just for Top Combine, but all Seraphims! Thank you!


292  我在这里要给大家出题啦,问,小五同学今年过年会在哪位成员家里过呢!?

I have a question for everyone! Question: This year, in which member’s home will Xiaowu spend New Years?


347  希望大家在过年的时候也不忘多多休息,养好身体,迎接新一年的到来!最后再祝大家新春愉快!万事如意!88

In the new year, I hope everyone to remember to rest a lot and to be healthy for the New Year! Hope everyone will have a Happy New Year again! And that everything will go well for everyone!



  1. what site you’ve get this??
    im really a fun of top combine and i want to know more about them
    pls say it!!!

  2. Baidu Tieba…

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