Posted by: rawrrasian | January 22, 2009

Blog Updates: Jin + Ma Xueyang

Ma Xueyang updated his sohu blog 01.22
and Jin Ensheng added a new picture on his CYworld ^^

Ma Xueyang’s blog:
Title: NEW09












Two days ago i got home and began preparing for New Year. And yesterday my parents bought a lot, mostly food and a good thick taste for the year. busy year for the reunion. i think my friends are like me, with the family early, blessings/prayers for a good year of the Ox, to be happy! At home, I am the master chef, because my parents are both master chefs. NOT! not the master chef! Master! NOT! not the master! the great food artist! Ha! I have the luck of having good things to eat. Tomorrow is dad’s birthday, and wished him a happy birthday, also wished him to celebrate cheerfully. The New year TC has new ideas, Dao Dao is also no exception. no exception is no exception, in any case, no exception. Since our song got good attention (golden hit of the year), my waist doesn’t hurt, my legs don’t ache, hands and feet are flexible, hey, let alone, this one breathe also wrote 5 songs, Not hard! ha ha~ joke joke. All of TC, our start is to care for seraphim and their intentions…To have everyone’s love, TC in the new year will be 1000% certain of doing a good job in music. Hope we can all look forward for each other.

New09, New Top Combine, new ideas and give you new feelings. Top Combine, Music Supremacy!

NOTE: Translations are off…like wayy off, but you can get the general idea of what he was saying ><

Jin’s CYworld picture:
It’s a picture of his dog! haha how cute!! ^^

ta shi wo de xiao gou ~~~~~

우리강아지에요 ~ !!

<<he is my puppy>>
korean: <<our puppy~!>> [??]


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