Posted by: rawrrasian | January 17, 2009

Top Combine @ Chengdu

An article about the boys in Chengdu, Ma Xueyang’s hometown 🙂 .

金鹰娱乐讯 “中国第一励志天团”至上励合昨日“降临”成都,偶像旋风席卷蓉城,五位成员互相爆料生活小细节,现场歌迷大呼过瘾。


至上励合演唱了获奖金曲《棉花糖》,出色的演绎将现场气氛推向高潮,歌迷如痴如醉。接下来的互动环节,五位成员毫不客气互相爆料,队长张远最爱睡懒觉, 平时在家里还经常扮成机器猫逗大家开心。成都歌迷也给至上励合送上大礼——穿唐装的熊猫玩偶,五位成员爱不释手,不时摆弄手上可爱的熊猫,引起场下歌迷阵 阵尖叫。活动结束时,歌迷齐唱《棉花糖》目送至上励合离开,歌迷的热情和贴心让五位成员感动不已。


This was after the Golden Song Awards, where their song “Cotton Candy” won an award 😀
Fans gave each one of them a stuffed panda (so cute)
The article just says that when they walked on stage, fans screamed all together in unison and how some fans got emotional and cried ( 😛 )
And since Chengdu is Ma Xueyang’s hometown, he felt really great to be back home with his hometown fans supporting him and the rest of Top Combine.
There, they sang <Cotton Candy> for the fans, recieved the gift, made fun of Zhang gege a little XD
played with the toy pandas, which made fans scream with excitement…yeah ^_^


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