Posted by: rawrrasian | January 17, 2009

Kenny & Xiao Wu UFO replies

Here are some UFO replies from Kenny and Ensheng ^^

Fan: TC, you all must eat meals on time, rest more, this is very important, health is the grass-root of life…is Jin alright? Also, Jin’s hair is getting longer, is he going to cut it soon? Or let it grow out?
Kenny: Jin’s long hair is very cute…haha!

Fan: EngEng (Jin), you’re in ChangSha right now, videotaping for Bravely Forward, everyone must stay warm, and Jin’s health…must protect well! Must eat meals on time, rest often–we (Seraphims) all saying together (this last part didn’t make all that much sense…)

Fan: Jin, how are you…are you happy? Are you going home (Korea) for New Years? I want to see you play piano.
Jin: Hi! I’m very happy. I can’t go back home during New Years T_T; in the future, I will definately play piano for you. Happy New Years!

Fan: Jin, you must learn Chinese..haha. Waiting for the time when you can use Chinese to reply to Seraphims.
Jin: Okay! Thank you. I will work hard to learn Chinese. In the future, I will talk (in Chinese) with Seraphims.

Fan: Jin, jiayou! Although you are not by your family during New Years, you still have Seraphims by your side. You must keep fighting (jiaoyou)!
Jin: Thanks very much for the support everyone is giving me. Because of Seraphims, I don’t feel lonely at all! haha.

Fan: Kenny, I don’t care if you see this or not…but I want to tell you, I don’t want to see you lonely or upset. I don’t want you to be sad. Just starting out will be hard, but don’t mind those bad gossips. You must keep fighting! (Jiayou)
Kenny: Thank you. I won’t let you see me sad. I will be strong.

Fan: Kenny, I finished my tests. English was pretty bad. You should sing more English songs in the future, help me get a better English grade.
Kenny: No problem. next year, work hard to catch up in English. I will keep fighting. English I come!

Fan: Kenny, I hear that you are going back to Korea to train–is it true? What about the other members? They are not going with you? Will you be lonely? I haven’t seen you recently. The gift I want to send you will have to wait until you come back. Maybe it’ll start growing mold. I will have to eat it myself then. Thinking of you. I want to tell you, my birthday is Feb 27th, just a day difference from your birthday. You must remember this. Once in Korea by yourself, you must work hard. Seraphims always support you. Finally, you must be happy. Be so happy that we are all jealous…
Kenny: I will work hard. With Seraphims by my side, no matter how lonely I may be…it won’t be sad.

Fan: Kenny, I am sick. My throat doesn’t feel good, can’t fall asleep. You and the rest of TC must take care of your bodies. Don’t be like me and get sick. I understand the tortures of being sick. Don’t want to see you guys go through the same tortures.
Kenny: I am sick too…because today I had to go water-diving (this is from Bravely forward videotaping I think). hahaha…I will take care of my health.

Fan: Kenny =] What do you want for your birthday?
Kenny: I want the Seraphims to all be healthy.

credit/translations: kjiang @ TCP



  1. hi.!
    i am a new member here.
    i’m also a seraphim, is it?

    is this your official website Kenny?

  2. hi.
    this is for kenny.
    just wanna ask quwstion.
    is this your friendster account or one of your poser?

  3. “Fan: Kenny =] What do you want for your birthday?
    Kenny: I want the Seraphims to all be healthy.”
    That is the sweetest thing ever. Sigh…Kenny ❤

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