Posted by: rawrrasian | January 17, 2009

Kenny updates blogs

He updated his Sina on January 16, 2009
and added new pictures to his CYworld, but two that he added 01.17 were slide pictures so I couldn’t save them. I just have one picture he posted from there.






Without thought, Top Combine has been out for 3 months (debuted 3 months ago). I’ve learned a lot these last months..

First, I’d like the thank the angels (seraphim) for giving each of us (Top Combine) a pleasant surprise. Thank you for supporting us in the cold and waiting. Thanks for managment for taking care of us..Many many things, only Top Combine to Seraphim will know..We will all look after each other..All of Top Combine will give better effort.

Previously felt sad, but didn’t dare cry..the fear of losing face, so many would not be happy inside.
But what I figured out, crying does help. If seraphim feels sad in the future, cry, the sadness will disappear.

made the decision, so why should we admit defeat

note: some might be lost in translation, in other words, my translations some could be wrong ><. im not sure what kenny was talking about =/ but I hope he’s feeling better

Picture with the Sina blog:
cyworld pic:



  1. hi people over there!
    who’s the maker of this website?

    • hii ann4ever
      great to know you’re a seraphim also ^^
      i’m rawrrasian, the maker of this website and darklight helps me here with updates on top combine. this isnt Kenny’s official website, just a fan base site where you can get daily updates on all the boys. as for the friendster account, its most likely a poser, no one as said anything about him or any of the other guys having one, however they all have a Sohu, Sina and CYworld blog. Check out the Links/Affiliates page here to look for more sites about them. ^^

  2. so what website those kenny and xiao wu ufo replies happen??
    where can i also find the lyrics of their songs??

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