Posted by: rawrrasian | January 17, 2009

金恩圣 ensheng updates blog

Jin Ensheng updated his CYworld on January 17, 2009


大家 好!

你们 过年 都 回家吗?

哈哈 我 跟 远哥 一起 去 哥的 家

我 最近 身体 不好 了 !!

你们 一定 小心 身体

不要 腾!!

过年的 时候 多吃一点 吧



Hello everyone!
Are you all going home for CNY?
Haha, I will go to Yuan ge’s home
I’m not feeling well lately!!
You guys need to take care of yourselves,
Don’t (???)!! (note: is that a typo or something?)
Eat a lot during CNY
See you later ~~~

credit: xcloudyx @ TCP



  1. what does CNY means?

    • Chinese New Year

  2. awwwh!
    i see!
    r u jin??..

  3. hi!
    just wanna bother you!!
    where can i find those songs of yours with lyrics???

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