Posted by: rawrrasian | January 14, 2009

Zhang Yuan updates sohu

Zhang Yuan updated his Sohu blog on January 15, 2009






such a long blog, im just going to summarize
Pretty much they’ve been working for more than a week and Zhang gege gets to go home tomorrow to Chengdu. Work has been nonstop and even though they are very tired, to see everything, its all worth it

He give the example of going to the shopping mall at Nanning for a fan meet(?) Seraphim..he doesn’t know how many were there but the outside of the mall was full, security had to be increased, they had to cut some songs short and cut the meeting short because they were afraid there would be accidents. Top Combine sang 3 songs because they knew that Seraphim had been standing in the mall since the morning til that time. Zhang gege said that hes sorry for the Angels (seraphim) outside who couldnt see them and next time they will try hard for everyone to see because being on stage and seeing the smiling faces of seraphim is the greatest.

He gives thanks to everyone who stood to watch, for their enthusiasm and for shouting “zhi shang li he”. he said that they’re greatful for that and will remember it but to be careful next time because there were fans who got pushed in the front and fell down. security almost had to cancell some songs because of it. He hopes in the furture it will be more organized so everyone will be happy.

He mentioned the Golden Melody Awards that was on the 11th and that they were so nervous to hear the results “hearing the results, everyones hearts almost jumped out of our throats” (ha ha) and that getting such a high recognition was not expected but they’re greatful.

~the last sentece: “our dream? an early fame- hehe (?)

Pictures he posted with the blog:


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