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Zhang Yuan UFO Replies

Fan: Comrade Zhang Yuan: after solemnly entering the number, I must tell you tearfully, why did I call an alien so it can take me with his UFO to leave a message to you… why don’t you hitch a ride with his UFO and say hi to me?!
Zhang Yuan: Hehe, hello, I’m Top Combine Star #1, Zhang Yuan, pleased to meet you

Fan: *sound of crying*~~Next I invite Xiao Yuan to listen to my tearful complaint. Today I had a math test, I know you’re really good at math, but for you, I tried my hardest but I still couldn’t do it. I hate myself *sound of crying*~I’m going to slam myself into tofu. T.T
Zhang Yuan: Listen to me after you’re done with tofu, math and physics, chemistry and biology all belong to sciences. The trick to learning sciences is to discover its essence, or the basics. Where are the basics, that would be in text books. If you can understand all the examples in the text book and all the homework, you will definitely pass, and you will improve by leaps and bounds.

Fan: Zhang Yuan, it’s cold, take care of yourself! You have to come to Chaozhou if you have the chance, I will make lots of delicious dishes to welcome you. My birthday is coming soon, I’m yearning for your reply and wonderful voice. Liping (fan)
Zhang Yuan: Happy birthday~Even though I can’t say this to you in person, I hope you will be happy, I recommend Allen Su’s “Thanks for Being with Me” (Xie Xie Ni Pei Wo Yi Qi Guo), cherish the ones closest to you, the times spent with people who truly care are the most precious

Thanks for Being with me/Happy Birthday – music and lyrics by Allen Su

Fan: I really like Zhang Yuan, I suspect if you are a tenor, your voice is so wonderful, I have a test tomorrow, you have to cheer for me.
Zhang Yuan: Thank you hehe, good luck with your test, you’re not allowed to do badly, because too many people have high expectiong, don’t let them and yourself down~

Fan: Zhang Yuan: Lao Zhang (lao=old, term for people who are around middle age/older who you’re familiar with), I’m going to have my college entrance exam in June. How about coming with me to the exam, wish me luck, when will you come to Shanghai?
Zhang Yuan: ….I’m not old, good luck with your exam, you seem to be in good spirits, jiayou jiayou!!

Fan: Zhang Yuan ge ge I miss you~ When you will come to Guangdong to see us?
Zhang Yuan: Not telling, joking of course I will hehe

Fan: Zhang Yuan ah, why is your voice so good? some people really are born for the stage. And Mao di, you have so much charisma on stage~I’m completely awed by your ability to control the stage. My Masters entrance exam is on the 10th, say jiayou to me
Zhang Yuan: Wow, get in for me, I wanted to do it before too

Fan: Zhang Yuan, rest well when you’re not working. It’s cold right now, don’t forget to dress warmly. A common fan of yours.
Zhang Yuan: I have lots of fat so I’m not afraid (of the cold)~ thank you

Fan: Yuan zai, I’m so dumb, I can’t do anything properly, I accidentally formatted my mp3, I don’t have a copy on my computer, everything about you is gone, I want to cry…
Zhang Yuan: Your data is gone but I’m still here

Fan: To ge ge, Xiao Bai is so sad, Xiao Bai is crying~ Why are there people like this in the world! I’ll never trust relationships between classmates again…
Zhang Yuan: Don’t be sad, people are all different, you haven’t met the right one yet. Believe in yourself, you will definitely find friends who have the same interests as you.

Fan: Xiao Yuan ge ge how much do you weigh? You look thinner~ Ge ge tell me how you lost weight~hehe…
Zhang Yuan: hehe I don’t recommend you losing weight the same way I did.

Fan: Everyone has to work hard! I envy how ge ge’s dreams all came true. When will mine come true? TT.TT
Zhang Yuan: You need to work hard and be down to earth to achieve your dreams

Fan: Xiao Yuan, there’s a girl called Duo Duo who has a test tomorrow, but she has a cold and she had a blood test yesterday. Why don’t you say hi to her, she really likes you! I think she will get better soon if you’re there to encourage her! You can reply to me and I’ll send it to her.
Zhang Yuan: Jiayou jiayou, get well soon.

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Translated by xcloudyx @ TopCombineParadise


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