Posted by: rawrrasian | January 11, 2009

[01.11]Zhang Yuang updates CYworld

Zhang Yuan updated his CYworld and a new picture on 01.11.09






Thank You~
We recorded past 3 am, I can’t sleep right now so I’ll sleep on the plane, Xiamen Seraphims waited until 2:00 just to see our performance for ten or so minutes, you’re still going to see us off tomorrow morning at the airport…

It must have been exhausting for you! Take care, don’t make us worry, I hope Top Combine’s songs can accompany everyone through a wonderful New Year~

I especially want to thank a Chengdu Seraphim who gave me something that I always wanted but never had the time to buy, hehe, so , thank you, thank you, now I won’t worry~

cr. xcloudyx @ Top Combine Paradise

do not hotlink


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