Posted by: rawrrasian | January 8, 2009

Yuan+Xueyang UFO replies

wow I update/blog late at night

Here are some UFO replies from Zhang Yuan and Ma Xueyang
Date: January 4-5, 2009

fan: Xiaomei, Xiaowu,Xiaoyuan, Daodao,Maomao, whoever’s the hottest, please reply to me.

Zhang Yuan:Okay.

(I don’t feel like putting up the pictures to these ones)

Fan: Xiao Yuan, I have finals and Computer Intermediate Exam, Wu Bao (Five Dears-fans’ name for them) give me encouragement!
Zhang Yuan: Wow, jia you, you’re not allowed to not do well

Fan: I’m in love with you, so I will support you forever and ever, no matter what other people say, I won’t listen to them. You need to remember, no matter what, Seraphim will be there to support you!
Zhang Yuan: Next stop, forever

Fan: Zai Yuan I’m here. I have to leave you more messages so you can discover me haha Ni Bao was here
Zhang Yuan: Zai Yuan… he he

Fan: Ma Xueyang, I support you, you must work hard! And Li Mao, if you hhave time come back to Hefei. Take Top Combine with you! Jiayou!!!
Ma Xueyang: Hello, I’m Dao Dao, thanks for your support. Hope ’09 will bring you different kinds of happiness and surprises, jiayou!

Fan: Ge ge, when will you come to Taiyuan? I really want to see you, I’ve been watching a lot of your interviews lately, and often get moved by you, hehe, I hope everyone will be happy, especially my favourite Yang Yang ge ge~
Ma Xueyang: Hello Sha Sha (fan), I’ve seen your messages, I wish you a happy new year and improve in your studies. Dao Dao also thanks you for your support! I also hope ’09 will give you a different kind of happiness!

Fan: Xueyang, I just heard a song that makes people calm, I want to recommend it to you: Zhao Peng’s chuan Ge (Ship Song) Um… and dress warmly, you must feel terrible with that fever, get well soon~^_^
Ma Xueyang: Yes, Zhao Peng’s songs are very good. I hope I can write more nice songs in ’09, and bring everyone more kinds of happiness! Thanks for your support! I will work hard!

credits/translations: xcloudyx, idarklight @ Top Combine Paradise


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