Posted by: idarklight | January 8, 2009

Li Mao updates his blog


Let me report what’s going on…after the New Year’s celebration, Li Xiaomao (mao sounds like cat in mandarin) went with some firends to Hong Kong…as for all the twists…I won’t describe everything here…but I did spend the first few days of 2009 happily…Hong Kong is a really good place…At Causeway Bay, I saw the much admired Haonan and Shanjie *reference to manga Teddy Boy*…Mong Kok’s night is really very noisy…I didn’t meet any Triad*Hong Kong gang* members in Tsim Sha Tsui…When I passed Nathan Road, I really wanted to see if Nathan Road #9 really is a barbershop *reference to Stephen Chow song*…At the Avenue of Stars, I found that Jacky Cheung’s hands are slightly smaller than mine…haha…I happily spend my pressure-free days…thanks to someone…someone…and someone for hanging out with me!!! Many times, I was so touched that I wanted to cry…hahaha…these days made me feel lucky…hahaha….。

After I returned to Beijing…I received another surprise…2009 will be a year that’ll touch me…so I especially, happily,  and joyfully took up pictures of my room…everyone, admire the place where I sleep and refuse to get up every morning…


This cabinet's new...hehe


The ball's quite comical


Actually, I don't have a bed...the carpet's very comfortable...I fell asleep on it yesterday


The teary monkey is hiding behind my computer

The teary monkey is hiding behind my computer


I sleep with her every night...hehe



  1. omg, he’s like a little kid. so cute!

    xueyang and limao have a really tight relationship.

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  3. r u replying comments everyday???..

  4. sssooooo cute their house ❤

    want to go to their house xD

  5. so cute ><

    limao and ma xue yang so close
    liu zhoucheng really likes picturing xD

  6. Don’t know why but I like Limao best in Top Combine
    His room is so cute like him

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