Posted by: rawrrasian | January 2, 2009

Top Combine on UFOtown

For those who don’t know UFOTown is a place where fans can leave their favorite musicians/artists messages and they reply back. I only know about UFOTown through Super Junior but now Top Combine is joining too. 🙂

You need to register and pay to send messages (yeah I know, it’s not free) but it’s about 1 yuan for each message.
here is the UFO website for Top Combine:

The tutorial for registering and payment can be found here

thanks toTop Combine Paradise

and since it’s already up, I’ll just give the link where Top Combine have replied to fans already

note: on UFOtown page, the top right corner, there is a drop down list for other artists/musicians ^^ Super Junior and Super Junior M are there ^^ (sorry, I’m a fan of them too)

NOTE: ACCORDING TO XCLOUDYX ON TCP (the one who provided the links) UFOTOWN IS BEST VIEWED WITH INTERNET EXPLORER AND NOT FIREFOX. Although, I’ve gone to the page using FireFox & it works fine, so it may just depend.



  1. Io So Che è Riservato esclusivamente a i Koreani è vero???

  2. Hi x I look at your youtube vids, ur topcombinest comments and everthing x! Please can u explain to me how to try and send a message to kenny liu on that UFOtown thing please, i desparatly want to send him a message!!! 😦

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