Posted by: rawrrasian | December 24, 2008

Full [MV] Cotton Candy + lyrics!

FINALLY! I got my hands on the full version of the Music Video for Cotton Candy by the one and only Top Combine :]

it’s on youku! haha

click the link for it!
(the youtube video is up too, just click the (more…) link

for those who don’t want to click the link for some odd reason, heres the youtube video of it

Lyrics for you!

棉花糖 (Mian Hua Tang/”Cotton Candy”)





未来的时光 有我的肩膀


hui yi zhe chu ci xiang yu zuo zai ni shen pang shi shui ceng jing shuo tai xing fu hui que yang

ai qing yi zhong zai xin li zi you de sheng zhang tong hua li de lang man xu yao yong xin qu pei yang

xiang dai ni yi qi liu lang mu yu yang guang qu wan cheng wen nuan de xiang xiang

xi huan ni ren xing shi hou ke ai mo yang hao xiang shi yi shi tou xia de yang guang

ni jiu shi wo xin zhong de mian hua tang tian mi de meng xiang bi ci qian qi de shuang shou

shui dou bu yao fang ni tiao wang zai yuan fang ji xu kuai le he xi wang

zhang kai chi bang wo men zi you fei xiang

ni jiu shi wo xin zhong de mian hua tang tian mi de meng xiang you ni shi jie dou bian le

jiu suan tian kuai liang neng bu neng jiu zhe yang zi you de qu you dang

ai zai wo men xin jian qiao qiao zhan fang xu xia yuan wang

zai han leng shi hou wo men nan mian hui pang huang ai zong hui shou zai mou ge di fang

jian zao qi wei qiang xin xu yao geng jian qiang bu tui rang bu jue wang

you shi yong deng dai lang man dai ti le gan shang xu yao qu fu chu wo yi qie hu xiang li liang

xiang yi qi qu deng dia zhe na dao shu guang zai feng yu zhi zhong na zhe zhu

guang man man dian liang

wei lai de shi guang you wo de jian bang
credits: xuemin from TCP


M: Remembering the first time I met you, I was sitting beside you
Who was it that said you’ll suffocate with too much happiness?
Love has been planted in the heart and is growing freely
The fairy tale-like romance needs to be cultivated with heart

L: I want to take you to wonder and bask in the sunshine
To finish our warm imagination
I like your cuteness when you’re being stubborn
It’s like a beam of sunshine when I’m down

J: You are cotton candy in my heart
A sweet dream
We’ll take each other’s hand
And never let go
You’re looking into the distance
We’ll continue our happiness and hopes
Open our wings, we’ll fly freely

Z: You are cotton candy in my heart
A sweet dream
With you, the whole world changed
Even if it’s almost dawn
Can we just wander freely like this?
Love quietly blooms in our hearts
And makes its wish

L: When it’s cold, it’s unavoidable that we’ll have doubts
Love will always be waiting somewhere
Building a fence
The heart needs to be strong
It can’t give in or lose hope
Sometimes waiting for romance replaces sadness
We need to give more strength to each other
I want to wait for the dawn together
Carefully holding a candle light in the storm
You’ll have my shoulder to lean on in the future
credit: xcloudyx from TCP



  1. Will the HQ version of the Cotton candy mv be up for download later on? I would be grateful if it was! :D:D

    • if i can get my hands on a HQ dl then yeah, i can put it up for everyone
      if not, then i’ll just try to get this one :]

  2. hey. i left my mail. idk if u can see it even tho its ur page and all.
    im wondering about ur picture. the one wit
    “did u eat?” to the duck.
    is it u? if not. could u send it to me?
    its cute. xD
    if email cant be seen:

  3. ps. im looking forward to HQ version too 😀

  4. cool !!

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