Posted by: idarklight | December 15, 2008

Yahoo interview

Did you know that….
Zhang Yuan also composed many songs?
Ma Xueyang’s favorite music style is rock?
Jin Ensheng used to cry everyday when he first joined the group in China?
Li Mao wrote a script for the Cotton Candy mv but was rejected?
Liu Zhoucheng is planning to write lyrics for their songs?
They live in a “house” with three bedrooms? Li Mao and Ma Xueyang lives in the master bedroom. Liu Zhoucheng and Zhang Yuan used to each occupy their own smaller bedroom, but after Jin Ensheng came, Liu Zhoucheng gave his room to Jin Ensheng and moved to their dance-studio sized living room.
The rest of the group first heard Cotton Candy in Ma Xueyang and Zhang Yuan’s room (with lights off and lit by candles)?
Bonus: lots of Maomei(Li Mao+Liu Zhoucheng couple) moments



  1. 刘洲成 jia you!!!luv u

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