Posted by: idarklight | October 27, 2008

Allen Su’s blog on Top Combine

You may have heard of Allen Su Top Combine’s interviews on basketball…he’s the one who looks hotter than Zhang Yuan when playing basketball. ^.^

You Are Combined At The Top

Although Fatty Yuan’s always late to basketball matches, but his skills are only second to me. ^^But his dancing is a lot better than me. I won’t forget the support you gave me. Thank you for spreading my song around in the group and supporting my songs during training. Like you, I used the fingers pointed to the sky pose. It’s very useful. I give you my best wishes.

I still remember, a long time ago, the vote that I gave Cheng-ge(ge=older brother). I said your hard work shouldn’t be ignored. Now, after more experience and hard work, you’re even more prepared and ready. I give you my best wishes.

During the competition, a lot of of people said Mao-ge looked a bit like me. Many people said that in your eyes was a fierceness. I agree, and I admire it. You experienced a lot, and gave up a lot, those will all have rewards for you. I give you my best wishes.

Other than a few people at the time, almost no one knows that you were my favorite contestant. Note that this isn’t a confession. I like girls. But no matter if it’s looks, talents, or attitudes, I admire you a lot. Head Ma, go, go, go. I give you my best wishes.

Korean friend, welcome to Beijing. The friendly and enthusiastic Chinese people will support your music. Mr. Jin, I give you my best wishes.

All The Best To TOP COMBINE~~


Allen Su’s blog:



  1. i luv top combine and i know allen su, but top combine is my favorite. Go Kenny!!!

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